The Story

Prelude: The Ambush

Chapter 1: Where To?

Chapter 2: The Choice

Chapter 3: Parting Ways

Chapter 4: The Grey Cloak

Chapter 5: A Dying Village

Chapter 6: A Shadow on the Road

Chapter 7: The Boat to Baden’s Bluff

Chapter 8: The Waiting

Chapter 9: Under the Bluff

Chapter 10: The Price of Vigilance

Chapter 11: Who do you Trust?

Chapter 12: Meeting with the Knives

Chapter 13: A Boon and a Hardship

Chapter 14: Through the Steeps

Chapter 15: Mourning on the Docks

Chapter 16: Meeting with Ebore

Chapter 17: A Step Closer

Chapter 18: Sarn Arrives

The Story

The Edge of Twilight Naszir