Session 9

Obares 22nd and 23rd, 99th Year of the Last Age

  • After gaining valuable information the group decides they must finally get to Ebore. Khurran is now weighed down by all the information they have gathered and is eager to hand it over to a trusted source. He has copied all that he could into his own book of knowledge.
  • Mother Tula agrees to show them the way out of the Steeps, a dangerous area of Baden’s Bluff set along the cliffs that lead down to the docks.
  • After getting to the Stone Docks, Ebore is found and the message from Pamar of Ardesh is relayed. Ebore is accepts the group and is stunned by the amount of knowledge they pass on.
  • Khurran questions her about the map they found in the StoneCutters Guild and the word VARIN. A gnome who works with Ebore is slightly familiar with the dwarven language and tells them is seems to be some version of the word “books”. Khurran is very intrigued.
  • Questions are also asked about the Legate Sarn. Ebore does not have anything substantial to tell them. So the group decides that they must take up Anandra’s offer to meet them in the marketplace.
  • Ebore grants them a cart that has some hiding places for their weapons and a resistance friendly merchant to leave their cart with.
  • Later that morning the group makes their way back up through the Steeps and into the marketplace.
  • Anandra finds them and takes them to a tavern in the marketplace and plans are discussed.
  • She tells the group that she was to convince the Avenging Knives to allow you passage into the area of the city called Hearthhome.
  • Also she says that Sarn has been followed by some of the Knives lately and there are two places he has been going. One is a small residence where he stays by himself and another is a place that he has been visiting very late at night over the past several nights.
  • The group decides that the late night place would be the best place to confront Sarn.
  • That evening Anandra leads the group to Hearthhome and they wait for Sarn.
  • The place is scouted by Devin before Sarn arrives. There is a front entrance and a back entrance to the house. A single man and an older woman are the only occupants of the house. The man seems to be some sort of guard.
  • As Sarn arrives (his magehound is with him) Anandra tells the group that she will not be going with them. This is not her fight and there are other things she must attend to.
  • Once Sarn goes inside the group makes it move. Devin and Sharra enter from the back and Khurran and Nezrin move in through the front. As Devin enters into the house he is attacked by the guard who had heard the back door being opened. The guard is dealt with quickly by Devin and Sharra.
  • The group knows that Sarn and the woman did not make their way upstairs and decide to take stairs down to the basement of the house.
  • They discover several storage rooms but nothing else until Nezrin finds a secret door at the end of hallway.
  • Through the secret door is another hallway that leads to a lone door. The group gathers itself for a big fight. As they near the door a growl is heard and surprised voices are raised.
  • Knowing that they do not have surprise due to the magehound and its scent ability the group busts through the door.

Combat with Sarn, the Ring is found

What they find is a small library like room. Several bookshelves fill the area. The floor is filled with straw and several lanterns light the room.

As combat takes place the magehound is quickly dispatched in the first few moments but Sarn gets off a spell that paralyzes Sharra. She is effectively neutralized. The woman who was with Sarn begins to panic and smashes several of the lanterns to the floor, lighting the straw on fire.

Nezrin closes in on Sarn and incapacitates him knocking him unconscious.

Khurran seeing the flames starting to engulf the books does his best to save what he can, especially the items that were on the table that Sarn was working at.

Devin notices the barrels beside the bookshelves and after opening one up sees there is water inside. He does his best to dump the water but it only serves to delay the inevitable. The whole room goes up in flames.

The woman is left to burn to death and Sarn is dragged out of the room and into a safer location in the basement.

  • Sarn is then tortured for information. He has the ring the group has been looking for on a chain around his neck. They take it from him and once the group is finished with him they tie him up, place him beyond the secret door, pour oil over him and light him on fire. His screams can still be heard as they close the door on the basement.
  • Sarn told them nothing while being tortured but during that time Khurran was going through the papers and books he grabbed off of the table Sarn was working on. Sarn had carried a journal of some sort with him and his notes were the most intriguing:

Sarn’s journal

Notes are scrawled in a chaotic fashion in this small book.

  • 6 Arcs ago

The help of Griffyn was invaluable and the information that Legate Belloc got from him has allowed us to crush the Levenworth family. Why this Erenlander decided to turn on his own I do not know but by the Shadow he has saved his own skin.

Perrinhold – Levenworth family. List of stashed items found:
  • 6 Longbows
  • 10 shortbows
  • 9 Longswords
  • 17 shortswords
  • 22 Spears
  • 4 Large axes
  • 2 Vardatches
  • Small Library (includes books and art) Note: Must examine the map more closely. Looks to be a temple to the old gods.
  • 2 Arcs ago
Joining a slave caravan heading towards the Burning Line. The healthy slaves we gained in Perrinhold are to be put to good use. Report to Master Katarg when we reach the main encampment.
  • 6 Guards
  • 16 Slaves
  • 9 Horses
  • 1 and a half Arcs ago
We lost a couple of the slaves today. The guards were unduly rough when an attempted escape was crushed. By the Shadows will, those guards have now replaced the slaves that died. I will have to explain my actions at the Burning Line and see if I might gain some replacements there. Goblins will have to do.
  • 2 Dead slaves
  • 2 Guards “lost” Hyl and Novok
  • 1 Arc ago

Travelling along the Westlands with the slave caravan on our way to Baden’s Bluff. My scouts happened upon a Sarcosan rider and captured him. He is much too far from home.

His equipment:
  • Leather armor
  • Longsword
  • Bow
  • 11 Arrows
  • 1 Ring (Bronze, blue gem, sword and moon markings, dwarven make?)
  • Foodstuffs
  • Waterskin
  • Dagger
  • Scroll (Map to Baden’s Bluff from the city of Alvedara. Only natural landmarks are shown. No towns or villages.)

Why was he traveling alone? What is this ring? What is a sarcosan doing traveling to Baden’s Bluff?

I am turning the caravan over to Ginn and I expect him back in the Bluff by the end of Obares. Myself and two guards will leave the caravan and will return to Baden’s Bluff swiftly. The secrets this ring holds could be valuable.

  • 5 days ago

The Rat King – Task Merivan with the search.

Metalsmith Telanam (It is a dwarven ring!)

  • 2 days ago

Merivan has not returned.

I have been asked to lead part of the retaliation for Legate Thurgan’s murder.

20 Orcs from the Mother of the Red Hand Tribe are under my command. The sewers will run red with resistance blood and maybe we can flush the Rat King out of his hole.

The Shadowguard serves us well. Legate Belloc has his spies everywhere. We have been told when and where to strike.

  • 1 day ago

My search through some old dwarven tomes at Lorden’s House has revealed that the quartermoon and sword belonged to the Dogor Clan. They were a group of kurgan dwarves that was from the lower hills of the Kaladrun mountains southeast of Low Rock. It seems when they had relocated to help work on the defenses of Baden’s Bluff long ago they did so to the Ebon Hills (now known as the Plague Hills just east of here).

Her hidden library has been invaluable to the Cabal. I will return in another night to see if I can actually locate their exact place.

I may have to request that I join with the Red Hand Tribe as they travel to the Kaladrun Mountains.

Session 9

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