Session 8

Obares 21st and 22nd, 99th Year of the Last Age

  • After falling down the sewer shaft the group was immediately confronted with a strange beast (a small Grick) among the muck who immediately attacked Devin. They managed to fend it off and explore the area.
  • Quick exploration and the fact that the orcs were pouring oil down the sewers pipe and lighting it forced the group through a collapsed sewer wall and into a strange cave system.
  • In exploring the cave system underneath Baden’s Bluff, they found that it was once occupied. A dwarven skeleton with a key is found. Tools and mining equipment used long ago are also found.
  • Further in some small humanoids start throwing rocks and flee. As they flee Devin kills one with a single arrow. The second one gets away up some stairs. When the body is examined, the group finds it is a young Halfling boy.
  • Tracking the second Halfling, the characters discover a Halfling hideaway. These halflings are lead by a woman called Mother Tula. She at first tries to scare the group away but once she deems them not to be threat she talks to the group.
  • After grieving for the young Halfling that was killed the group offers up any help they can give. They also wish to explore the area some more.
  • As the group explores the area they find it was once home to a secret StoneCutters Guild.
  • Written on a statue in one room:

“In homage to the brotherhood and clan. Master your trade, plan accurately, record for the future. This is the way of the Stonecutters Guild.”

  • It is just a few small rooms but a wealth of information is found.
  • First the group must get past a door that is rather puzzling:

The door to the SE in this room is strange. Made out of stone, it has six keyholes that have to be used in the correct succession in order for the door to open.

  • Written over the door is:

“The key to every cut is precise, the fit to every stone is key.”

  • Using the key they found ealier, the group successfully figures out the puzzle, and they gain access to another room where they discover a secret door.
  • Inside a rough hewn cave is gold mine of information:

A hastily carved out secret storage room showing a large map on the wall of the sewers and several secret passages throughout the sewers. It has a low ceiling and a few sealed stone storage containers and some fantastic stone works of art. Several are busts of what must have been once famous people. The real find is a slightly more detailed area on the wall map that denotes an entrance to a collapsed area underneath the main city near guildall. In dwarven it has a single name on it: VARIN.

  • Also found is a small circular stone “coin” inlayed with intricate silver. One side has the face of a female dwarf facing a quarter moon. The other side has this written in both dwarven and trader’s tongue:

The ghostly mother, spirit of the dwarves, mother moon.

  • Scrawled on the wall is:

Stone by Stone

Baden’s Bluff was built by dwarf and man.

Stone by Stone

We defended the city for family and clan.

Stone by Stone

The brotherhood will defy Izrador.

Stone by Stone

The city hides our secrets and lore.

Session 8

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