Session 7

Obares 19th and 20th, 99th Year of the Last Age

  • After conversing with the Rat King and relaying the message that was meant for him:

The circle unites us and reveals the truth. The answers lay with the blade, the blade of ghostly light.

  • The Rat King explains that the blade that this refers to may be the “The Blade”. He leads the Avenging Knives, a rogue resistance group known for their more open and daring attacks on the Shadows forces.
  • The Rat King is not sure what the “blade of ghostly light” refers to.
  • The group also reveals that they search for a legate named Sarn. The Rat King knows where Sarn is but the Avenging Knives control that part of the sewers. The group will have to meet with the Avenging Knives if they want access to the area of the city known as Heatrthhome.
  • The Rat King explains the schism in the Order of the Shadow between those who rule in the north from Theros Obsidia, the Cabal, and those who serve Izrador through the Night King Sunalael, known as the Devout.
  • He tells them they can trust the merchant Trumbar if they ever reach the area of the city near The Well.
  • The Rat King gets the group a meeting some of the Avenging Knives.
  • Radovin leads the group to a neutral area of the sewers to meet with a representative of the Knives.
  • Dunath leads the negotiations for the Avenging Knives and tells the group that he will take their request back to The Blade.
  • Anandra shows up, Dunath is surprised by this. She suggests that the group join her and she will give them safe passage.
  • Before negotiations can conclude a raid on the sewers ensues. The group, with Radovin, is left to fend for itself. The Avenging Knives and Anandra scatter. The way back for the group is cut off as orcs and goblins raid this area of the sewers.
  • The fighting turns desperate and Radovin notices a loose sewer grate and tells the rest of the group to get in. He is left defending their exit as they slide down a long sewer tunnel.
  • An orc slams itself against the sewer grate, jamming it shut, trying to reach Nezrin who was waiting for Radovin to join them. Nezrin tumbles and slides down the pipe and eventually lands in an area with the rest of the group.

Session 7

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