Session 6

Obares 15th thru 18th, 99th Year of the Last Age

As the boat pulls in to the Worm Docks of Baden’s Bluff Anandra leaps out and takes off into the morning mists.

Waryk lets the group know that he can set them up with a hiding spot in the Worm Docks and get them a meeting with a man named Radovin, who may get them in touch with the Rat King.

While taking refuge in a second floor room, the group takes time to finally get some sleep and heal up from the battles at Duren’s Cove.

That night something happens further up in the city and a great commotion is created. Something flies over the city that causes great fear. The group latter learns that this is an undead wyvern, the Night King Sunalaels creation, who watches over the city.

As rain falls Devin sees combat breakout down an alleyway in the Worm Docks. Despite the fact that Waryk told them to lay low Devin decides to help out a lone man facing several Orcs.

Devin and the group defeat the rest of the orcs and take the man back to their hiding place.

With questioning they find that this man, Dunath, is part of the Avenging Knives. They had just pulled off a daring raid and killed a high level legate in the upper city. He had been cut off and chased into the Worm Docks.

Radovin arrives the following night. He is not pleased to see Dunath and forces him to leave before he deals with the group. Dunath, now healed enough, leaves but not without a few sharp words for Radovin.

Radovin offers the group a deal. Find a legate that has just recently entered some caves on the north side of the city and kill him. The legate is searching for secret ways into the sewers to gain an upper hand on the resistance.

Killing the legate will help the resistance trust the group and it will likely get them a meeting with the Rat King.

The group agrees to go after the legate.

After entering the caves and trying to follow the tracks the group stumbles into a sewer entrance. Exploring further into the sewers, the group finally comes upon the legate and his henchmen.

The group is heavily challenged by the legate, orc and goblin scout. In the end, they gain the help of other insurgents who have been tracking the legate as well. The legate is finally dispatched by Sharra. Before he is dispatched they learn that this legate, Merovin, is under the command of Sarn.

The insurgents that the group now befriends lead them back to meet with the Rat King.

The Rat King turns out to be none other than Waryk Dyvim. The same gnome who transported the group form Duren’s Cove to the Worm Docks of Baden’s Bluff.

Session 6

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