Session 5

Obares 10th thru 15th, 99th Year of the Last Age

The group makes it way to Duren’s Cove. They are attacked by bandits as they approach the Road of Salt and Tears. When the bandits realize they are up against a tough foe they flee.

As the group makes it way through the old dwarven hold above Duren’s Cove they encounter a few monsters along the way.

They fight off a hippogriff on the cliffs just before they enter the hold.

Inside the hold they do battle with a carrion crawler and just barely escape its paralyzing tentacles.

The greatest find inside the ruins of the hold is a grand mural room and the treasure it hides.

The wall depicts a massive mountain range (the Kaladrun Mountains) with what looks like two dwarves hanging in the sky. A fire leaps from the crown of the male dwarf and is seen going through the female dwarf from one hand to the other. The other hand is pointed toward the mountains below her and a streak of silver can be seen coursing deep into the mountain in a jagged fashion. The silver comes off of the wall and onto what looks like a long thin low stone box that is attached to the wall. The last jagged silver streak ends in a thin key like hole in the top center of the box. If the key is found (there is no other way to open the box) and inserted the top portion of the stone box can be removed from the wall.

A great stone column sits in the middle of this room.

The four sides of the stone column depict:

  • The Well at Baden’s Bluff
  • A great battle against orcs in which a particular dwarf stands out with a great waraxe in the same color as the silver streak of the mural. The waraxe is done in great detail. It has a double-headed blade and three golden rings encircle the handle. (When inspected closely the axe can actually be removed from the wall. It is about the size of a large key and fits into the stone table on the dais.)
  • A great tower of bluish-white marble stands in the center of some far away city with the sun shining down on it.
  • The final mural is of a grand ship sailing the seas of Pelluria. It has white sails and a lighthouse can be seen in the far distance.

Inside the box are some long stored items. A small metal book, completely written in Old Dwarvish. A silvered dagger, a masterwork urutuk, a masterwork shortsword and a mithral necklace with a medallion that is a True Sigil Charm ( +2 AC when fighting Orcs).

Nezrin figures out how to open the box and the group gains the treasure inside. A truly great find!

Once the party finds its way to the tower in the cove below the hold they are attacked by goblin brine faelgral (undead with hardened salty deposits). They swarm the tower and almost knock over the lamp the group lighted. The group fends them off using oil and fire on the window openings in the tower. A few of the creatures get inside but the group stays alive and defeats the threat.

Not long after a boat arrives in the cove. The gnome Waryk Dyvim and his crew along with another passenger named Anandra help the group into the boat.

As the boat pulls away from the cove Khurran notices someone in a dark cloak watching them as they make sail for the city of Baden’s Bluff.

Session 5

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