Session 4

Obares 6th thru 9th, 99th Year of the Last Age

Traveling to Ardesh brings the group past the Trollskarl forest. The journey takes an interesting twist when a man in tattered black robes reveals himself as a former legate in training and asks the party to kill him. His name is Cray.

They refuse (Sharra is particularly unhappy about this) and instead take him along to the next village.

In the village of Ardesh, the group makes contact with an elderly man named Pamar. He is willing to take in Cray whose death wish seems to have subsided.

Now the group is close to Baden’s Bluff but the problem is how to get inside it to search for the legate Sarn.

Pamar offers two choices. One is to go through the front gates of Baden’s Bluff posing as Ardesh villagers delivering their “tax” payment to the city.

The other choice is to go through Duren’s Cove, an abandoned dwarven hold on the cliffs of the Pellurian Sea. Once through the hold there is a light house were a signal can be lit. A resistance boat will come to shore in the cove and pick the group up as the sun goes down.

After some discussion the group chooses Duren’s Cove because it will put them into contact with the Bluffs resistance quickly.

Pamar finally asks one favor of the group. His village is dying and the store of information that he has needs to be hidden away.

He asks the group to see Ebore Arbter in the Stone Docks of Baden’s Bluff. She runs the largest warehouse there. The group is to deliver the stories and history of Ardesh to Ebore.

Gladly they accept. Khurran is eager to record this information for his own.

A sampling of the writings that Pamar is sending to the Baden’s in Baden’s Bluff:

  • The legend of the Thorellon Knights
  • Instructions on how to craft a lesser charm
  • How to cook spicy boro stew
  • How to properly rotate crops
  • A Children’s story used to scare kids and keep them within the village borders called “Little Rala’s Mistake”
  • List of common herbs near Ardesh.
  • A study of the phases of the moon and its effects on the flowerknown as the twilight rose.

Session 4

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