Session 2

Obares 2nd, 99th Year of the Last Age

A direct route to Baden’s Bluff would not be easy.

Galamir gave the group instructions to go to the village of Lirith and get horses from a man named Berem there.

Galamir was not going to give up any horses from the caravan raid because they were needed to carry supplies and those not well enough to make the journey further into Erethor.

Each character was given a charm with a black wolves head on it to show to Berem. This is to identify them as part of the resistance.

When the group arrives at the village the news is not good. The village is now a garrison for some orcs.

After figuring out a way to distract a majority of the orcs with a fire in the farm fields the group gets in touch with Berem but they end up needing to retreat quickly as Berem’s wife alerts the orcs. Khurran is badly wounded by an orc but the group manages to gain the horses they need and gallop away to safety.

Just before they are discovered Berem tells the group to head north to the Tower and the Crown. He gives a brief description on how to get there and that there is a stash of items there that will help them on their journey.

Session 2

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