Session 12

Obares 27th through 30th, 99th Year of the Last Age

  • Upon a ship called the Disa, the group is met by a commanding but plain clothed Dorn. He tells the group that he is sorry to force them to leave Baden’s Bluff but they were drawing to much attention. Each one of them are gifted with some training in reward for the good that they had done and they are told that this ship will take them wherever they wish to go.

On the horizon, as the twilight turns to darkness, a barge like ship floats in the waters of the Pelluria. By the time you reach it darkness has finally taken hold and only a few lanterns that hang from the side of the boat allow you to see anything in the inky blackness. The clouds have blotted out all light from the night sky. It is an oppressive feeling; there is a sense of suffocation that hangs in the air despite the openness of the great sea before you.

When you reach boat, there are several other smaller boats there. As you climb your way onto the deck you are half-heartedly greeted. Most of the crew stays away from you and continues to secure all the boats.

Once you have settled, a dornish man of great stature greets you.

“Well, you have managed to make yourselves noticed in our city in a short period of time. I wish I could say that is a worthy achievement but to be noticed in Baden’s Bluff is usually a death sentence.” His tone is even and you sense no malice behind his words.

“Ebore has told me you have stumbled upon some important finds and I would personally like to thank you for turning over the information that you have. Any discoveries made that fall into our hands rather than the Shadows is key to our survival.”

“But now you have caused far too much of a disruption. Our work is subtle and it will remain so. To draw the shadows attention not something we can afford. Our work hampers all the Shadows forces that come through our city. But only in silence can we continue till there is a day when our strength will overcome the darkness. Then and only then will we strike with all our might.”

“So far you are a fortunate group but I fear the road ahead for you will continue to be treacherous. I am sorry that I must force you to leave the city but I feel that it is the only option.”

“I know you carry an item with you … a ring that you have sought and killed for. A ring that others will now hunt you for. Where does the ring now guide you? Which way shall I send my ship to carry you on your journey?”

  • Khurran receives a strange letter.
  • Devin, as he sleeps, receives a strange vision.

As you sleep a sarcosan woman appears in your dreams. On her hand is a ring like yours but it has a tree and bow carved on its sides. She carries a bow of exquisite make, like none you have ever seen before. A night sky, moonless, yet filled with stars and constellations like the ones you saw in the Grand Library encompass her. She sits at the base of a great boulder that has a massive tree growing around it.

You see her whisper, “The Sword”, but hear nothing. Your dream goes black.

  • It is decided that the group will make their way to area just east of the Plague Hills. They plan to look for the former halls of the Dogor Clan dwarves.
  • The second day at sea they are borded by boat loyal to Izrador. A group of wounded hobgoblins, having just come from a victorious battle with a pirate ship, decide to try and take what they can from the ship.
  • Several of the group hides below deck, Nezrin decides to stay above board.

The first mate objects to the search and seizure but is severly beaten. A couple of the hobgoblins go below deck and discover some contraband hidden underneath some floor boards.

The hobgoblin captain decides to kill everyone onboard after the contraband is discovered on the Disa and fighting begins. The hobgoblins are overwhelmed with the help of the group. Nezrin stepped in quickly and saved the life of the first mate.

Towards the end of the battle a heroic maneuver is made by Nezrin to clear Devin of getting hit by a ballista bolt and then Khurran saves the life of a crew member who was standing behind Devin.

Session 12

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