Session 11

Obares 25th, 99th Year of the Last Age

Jumping over the pit to escape the collapsing library becomes a problem. Devin misjudges his jump and falls in. Khurran jumps into the pit but slips on the uneven rubble below. Nezrin also manages to fall in and Sharra also struggles to get across. Eventually they all escape from the pit but have extra brusies to show for it.

The group gets back to the Salty Gull Inn and meet with Yorek who tells them to rest up and to be ready later tonight to leave Baden’s Bluff. “Things are in motion.”

During the day Khurran goes over what was taken from the library in the confines of his room. Devin checks in on Khurran and catches sight of some of the works and notices that he now can read Dwarven.

Looking back at the rubbings that Khurran made of the metal pressed book in Duren’s Cove, Devin discovers that Duren was part of the Dogor clan. This is the same clan that Sarn had discovered in connection to the Ring. Supposedly these dwarves had traveled from the hills of the Kaladrun mountains to what were then called the Ebon Hills (now known as the Plague Hills).

Later that evening the group makes it way down to the main room of the inn. They are confronted by someone who they quickly discover is “The Blade”. He demands that they give him the ring and he is angered by their disregard for his men. He never gave permission for them to go after Sarn.

Nezrin notices that the Blades voice sounds familiar: There is something familiar about this man’s voice. You have a difficult time placing it while he speaks but some sort of dread fills your mind. Then it slams into you full force This voice It is the same one that claimed the Levenworth’s were being too passive in Perrinhold, it is the SAME one who predicted dire consequences if the resistance in Perrinhold did not step up their attacks on the forces of Izrador. Several days later, you were fleeing Perrinhold as the Levenworth family was BETRAYED!

Before Nezrin can truly react to his realization a dagger is flung by a woman in old rags as she screams “For the Baden’s”. The group recognizes this woman as Anandra. The dagger strikes home against The Blade woundeing him in the shoulder.

Devin catches a glimpse of the dagger and notices that upon the dagger is wrapped a charm with the symbol of the Black Wolves on it. The same charm that the group was given by Galamir.

A massive melee ensues. The Blade has several men with him and they try to protect him from Anandra.

Nezrin gets up and grapples with the Blade, Anandra is suddenly confronted by a man in grey robes who blocks her path to The Blade and where the characters battle.

Nezrin maintains his hold on the Blade causing him to pass out but more reinforcements of Avenging Knives begin to arrive through the back door of the Inn. Also the two men that were with Anandra, after dispatching one of the Blades men, are now attacking the characters.

The Innkeeper joins in to help the group make an escape path.

The group is highly confused now and is getting overwhelmed. At least one of Anandra’s men and two of the Avenging Knives fall to them in combat.

At this point Yorek arrives and curses and tells Devin to come with him now. A distraction has been set in motion and now is the time they have to escape.

Not having time to drag the Blade with them, the group lets him go and they escape through the front door.

On the Stone Docks a warship of the shadow has caught fire and chaos is surrounding it as many dock workers try to put it. Yorek leads the characters with the man in Grey trailing behind them, to Ebore’s warehouse.

Through a secret dock underneath the warehouse the group is set off into the Sea of Pelluria in a small boat. Yorek tells them that they are being taken to a ship awaiting just a little ways out to sea.

Session 11

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