Session 10

Obares 24th, 99th Year of the Last Age

With Sarn now dead and the ring finally in their possession the group finds it way back to the Stone Docks and the Salty Gull Inn.

After a brief rest they decide to make contact with Ebore Arbter again. When they meet up with one of her dock runners, he says she will not see them. The group protests but he says there is nothing he can do but take the things that they wish to deliver and give them to her. The group is drawing too much attention and word seems to be getting out. They are informed that plans are being made for them to be escorted out of Baden’s Bluff.

Khurran notices some suspicious eyes upon them and after some exchanges are made the group is told to return to the inn. A man named Yorek will reach them there and the next steps can be planned then.

When Yorek arrives later that day Khurran inquires about the map that they had found in the Stone Cutters Guild and asks Yorek to go back to Ebore. She seemed to express some interest in exploring the area that may be underneath the former Grand Library and Khurran was not about to let that opportunity pass him by.

When Yorek returns from meeting with Ebore, Khurran is pleased. She is allowing them to explore. More time is needed to plan the groups exit of Baden’s Bluff anyway and exploration of the site could provide a recovery of some lost knowledge. Later that night Yorek leads the group to the place on the map that was designated with the word “Varin”.

As they group makes there way through a rough hewn passage, they find it opens up into the ruins of the basement of the library. Khurran is cautious but his excitement is palpable. What could have possibly survived for the past 100 years?

The library basement is collapsed in many areas, making for odd passages and treacherous footing.

Strange skeletons appear and attack. These skeletons are in one spot at one moment and then they appear behind the characters barely before they have time to react.

In another area the floor gives way underneath Sharra but she manages to scramble across the pit before it completely collapses.

Khurran is given strange visions when he touches a statue of a Sahi in a room painted like the night sky with Sorshef riding across it.

He is struck by three vivid images: A quater moon changing into a white shimmering blade of an axe. A great tree at the edge of a forest growing out of and around a massive boulder. A frightening image of a man in a sinister red mask and a long flowing red cape.

Engraved on the statue is the saying “Look to the night sky and remember the tales of the Sahi. Let the stars guide you in your journeys for the Sorshef are wise. There is much power in the spirits that burn bright through the darkest of nights.”

Stumbling further into the library the group happens upon something odd. Something incorporeal is moving back and forth, muttering to himself as he is trying to pack what looks like an old sack with books.

The ghost eventually catches the group as it edged itself forward to get a closer look:

Who interrupts me? Can you not see I am busy? The shadow is coming .. the shadow is coming. These books must be sent to safety. I do not have time for you, go away!

A few questions are asked and it is discovered that this is the ghost of the head librarian Valig Werhan but as more questions arise the ghost seems to get more irritated.

With great wisdom an offer is made to take the books to safety. The ghost agrees that they can do this and this seems to calm the spirit. In its calmer state it looks to Devin and what it says next is something that Devin was not expecting:

“Is it true? The Emissary is in my presence? It has been a long time, ... you, you should not be here. The armies of Izrador have come, the darkness envelopes us. Tell the dwarves they must stand and fight with us, too long have we been estranged. The dwarves, the elves, these are ties that should have been kept close. The rings were made for that purpose. Where is the other … ,” the librarians focus seems to shift as he looks somewhere behind him. “No, take the books and flee you fools. I will die here, you will save the books. Go … GO NOW!

With those final words the ghost begins to glow brightly and the spirit that kept the great walls from collapsing the final area of the Grand Library were let loose. Devin, Khurran, Nezrin and Sharra would now have to flee for their lives back to the entrance they came through.

Debris is dodged, Sharra takes a glancing blow from some falling rock and one last hurdle stands before them … the floor that gave way under Sharra earlier had widened a little and the group is faced with a decision on how to quickly get over the pit without getting caught in the final collapse of the library.

Session 10

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