Session 1

Obares 1st, 99th Year of the Last Age

This session opens with the group (Devin, Khurran, Nezrin and Sharra) raiding a slave caravan as part of the Black Wolves. Lead by an gruff middle aged Dorn named Galamir, the Black Wolves are have been harassing orcish warbands and goblin slave caravans for many years from the east central part of the forest of Erethor known as the Green March.

The raid was successful and many slaves were rescued.

Among those rescued was a southern man, those called the Sarcosans. He was in extremely bad shape and did not last the night. However, he did have some information. He was heading north to the city of Baden’s Bluff before he was captured. He carried a ring that was to be delivered to the one known as the Rat King. And a message that went along with it:

The circle unites us and reveals the truth. The answers lay with the blade, the blade of ghostly light.

The ring has already been taken by a legate named Sarn that was traveling with the caravan. He had left two days before the raid and was heading to Baden’s Bluff. The Sarcosan begged Galamir to send someone to get the ring back and deliver it to the Rat King.

The ring was described as brass in color, a cresent moon carved on one side and a longsword on the other side. The ring is set with a dusky blue gemstone, the color of Aryth’s moon.

Another piece of information from the raid produced a map and a calendar off one of the human guards. The map was to a small cave system near the Sea of Pelluria to the northeast of the Green March. The calendar had a day circled about a week and a half out. There was no information on what the

Galamir, not willing to give up his most seasoned warriors called upon the group to decide whether they wanted to search for the ring or set out to explore the caves.

After some discussion the group decided to make their way to the city of Baden’s Bluff to search for the ring.

Session 1

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