Chapter 5

A candle burns on the table as it has done many nights before. Pamar gingerly sits, using his cane to lower himself with some effort. With a heavy sigh he begins to speak as the weary old sage that he is.

“As you can see, this village is dying. We are all old and it is our time to go beyond the shadow of this world. I beg of you to take this knowledge that I have gathered and bring it to someone of House Baden. I know it seems as if I am sending the knowledge into harms way but the Baden’s have been the keepers of much knowledge. They are caretakers as well as resistance fighters.”

After a small coughing fit Pamar continues, “There are two ways that I know of to get into Baden’s Bluff. One is to go through the front gates. If you choose this way I will provide you with true documents that allow travel. You will be given a cart that will be loaded with foodstuffs and other items as our tax payment to Baden’s Bluff. The cart has been used before to get things in and out of Baden’s Bluff without the enemies knowledge. It has several secret compartments to hide items in. We have not used this cart often but it has served its purpose well. However, there are no guarantees and you should fully expect to be searched. Any weapons or contraband found on you will be met with harsh punishment.”

Pamar pauses to take a drink of some tuanan tea. “The other way you can go is to Duren’s Cove. You must follow the cliffs down to the cove and then make your way to the tower that is built into the cliff wall. Once you make it to the tower, light the lantern on the third floor as twilight fades and someone from the resistance will be by in a boat to take you to the city docks. This is a secretive way and allows you to have almost immediate contact with the resistance.”

Either way you wish to go, make sure to meet with Ebore Arbter, she runs the largest warehouse on the docks. Tell her that the old man from Ardesh sends his best and she will treat you accordingly. Through her you should be able to get to someone who will take the documents I have given you.”

Chapter 5

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