Chapter 4

A grey cloak weakly fluttered in the wind, Khurran at first mistakenly thought it was a flag in the distance ahead. But the memory of fleeing Perrinhold stuck in his mind, he had seen this before.

Quickly he turned to Devin, “There on the hill ahead of us, did you see that?”

Devin lifted his head to look in the northwest direction that Khurran pointed too.

Nothing was there but the blood red clouds of the fading sunlight.

Khurran looked again as well and then insisted he had seen something. He spoke to Devin in quiet tones that he knew well. Devin nodded his head … this wasn’t the first time that Khurran had mentioned the grey cloak.

Devin took his friends words and broke from the group. If something had been in the area he would track it down and find out what it was and why they were being followed. Upon reaching the hill Devin saw the tell tale signs of a horse and rider but they did not follow a path he could pin down. The tall swordgrass continued on in an endless sea of muted gold that was broken by small islands of rock outcroppings. Tracking someone who knew how to hide here would be near impossible.

Returning to the group Devin was shaking his head and Khurran frowned at the result.

“This means someone has been tracking us since Perrinhold fell. I don’t get it Devin. Through the GreenMarch and now on our journey north to Baden’s Bluff … we are being watched,” Khurran’s voice was strained.

“I do not like it either but once we enter the city it is more likely we will be able to be clear of this one’s watchful gaze. Baden’s Bluff will help us in more ways than we might have anticipated.” Devin was trying to be as reassuring to his companion as he could. Though in the back of his mind he wondered if the city would be enough to shake this persistent and patient grey shadow.

Chapter 4

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