Chapter 3

“Good, I see you’re ready,” noted Galamir, “remember, head northeast from here and you will reach a stream. Follow the stream and within a day and a half you should be within site of the village of Lirith. On the southern edge of the village is a small farm with some stables. There you’ll find a contact, his name is Berem.”

“Trust no one else in the village! I cannot stress that enough! “

“Show Berem the symbols I have given you and he will treat you accordingly. He is a good man and should be able to provide you with horses and some information on how to reach Baden’s Bluff quickly and quietly. In return for this favor I have 5 salves for you to give him that will treat disease for the village.”

“May the shadow part during the road ahead.”

“Good luck and return when you can.”

Chapter 3

The Edge of Twilight Naszir