Chapter 2

The choice was clear to Devin. The ring had more significance than the map to the caves and it called out to him. How do they get in touch with the Rat King? How do they find the Legate who took the ring from the Sarcosan infiltrator? And who or what is “the blade”? These questions were important and the whole group was intrigued by making contacts in Baden’s Bluff. Khurran knew how to work his way in a city and he certainly looked as if he would feel much more comfortable out of the wilderness.

Nezrin had been quiet most of this time, still wondering if this was a trap. Could they be heading to Baden’s Bluff only to be caught in an intricate web of deceit? No matter what though, taking on the shadow’s forces and the possibility of creating a more united front with the rebels in the south was worth the risk.

Looking over he saw Sharra sharpening her axe blades. She looked as if she was in a trance, her focus and painstakingly precise strokes with the sharpening stone gave her a malevolent aura. She was not with the group on the initial raid, instead she was to wait for the battle to be over and heal the wounded. Nezrin knew of her ability to heal for they had traveled together through the edges of this forest before they joined the Black Wolves. When they first met they were ready to do battle but somehow cooler heads prevailed despite their paranoia. Gradually they learned to trust each other with a quiet respect.

Nezrin new Sharra was holding something back, something dark. He could see it in her eyes, they were cold and haunted. It is never something that Nezrin brought up because it wasn’t his concern. The only thing he really new was that she used to be with a group of brigands that roamed the Westlands. This group was destroyed when they raided a Shadow supply caravan and to her knowledge she was the only one who survived. She fled the area and went to the forest of Erethor against her better judgment. In one of the few times they really talked Nezrin found that the brigands had legends of the forest and of the elves. Neither were painted in a good light. Even now Nezrin would catch Sharra gripping her axes tighter every time one of the elven emissaries was in sight and she never seemed to sleep well under the trees. With all her potential flaws he still trusted her and she made for an extremely valuable ally because of her healing skills, though her bedside manner was truly lacking.

Chapter 2

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