Chapter 18

The night had come and Anandra had met with the group at the tavern. Under the cover of darkness the Devin, Khurran, Nezrin and Sharra grabbed their weapons from the cart behind the bakers place.

Then it was through the sewers again. Nezrin felt like it wasn’t so bad, as many times as they had been through them he felt like they were getting used to the filth. Is this what it was like to be the resistance in the city? How he longed to be back among the elves, in the Green March and harassing the orcs from the edges of the forest.

Nezrin knew Devin must feel this way too. The longer they stayed in the sewers and this city the older Devin looked.

Khurran on the other hand seemed to have adjusted well. Being in the city had allowed them to stumble upon some important finds and that were a spark to Khurran’s soul.

Sharra was her usual bitter self so it was hard to tell if she preferred the city or not. What was hard for her is that every time they passed a legate she seemed to jump out of her skin. They all had hatred for the Shadow’s servants but Sharra was nearly sick with anger and loathing that seemed to far outpace the rest of the group.

Coming up to the end of the tunnel Anandra stated that they were finally in the area of Hearthhome. Quietly they made their way through a few blocks of back streets until Anandra stopped and pointed to a house across a road. It was a modest house, not far from the cliff where the city dropped to the Steeps. A light was still lit at the front door and through a window in a small sitting area that jutted from the front of the house Devin spied a single man sitting in chair. The man seemed to be occupied with something on the floor.

Waiting for Sarn to arrive Devin decided to scout the house. Another figure was spotted moving inside near the back of the house. It was woman. Devin deftly made his way around the house and found a back door. Moving further around to opposite side of the house Devin got a look at the man sitting in the chair. A mace lay at his side and he looked to be some sort of guard. In front of him was a large flat box full of sand. With a stick the man looked like he was drawing and then erasing what he done. Devin did not linger too long.

Returning back to the group Devin reported his finds. During the discussion of their initial plan Sharra spotted the legate and hissed through her clenched teeth, “Sarn arrives.”

As Sarn approached the door the man in the chair reached down for his mace and moved to the front door. The woman who had been at the rear of the house answered the door and respectfully let Sarn and his magehound inside. They all made their way to the back of the house.

Devin knew this was the time to move. “Sharra and I will take the back door, Khurran you and Nezrin take the front. Anandra … “

Anandra stopped Devin in mid sentence. “This is not my fight, I will not be coming with you.”

“Odd … I would think ANY attack on the Shadow would be your fight.” Nezrin said with some curiosity.

“Not your fight? It seems I’ve heard all the wrong things about you Knives.” Khurran did not have a good feeling about being left to their own devices.

“While we like the fact that you are bold we have made our strike already. This is your fight but we are certainly willing to help you in this endeavor. A group independent of us and willing to attack a legate is more than the Knives could hope for.” Anandra’s eyes glimmered in the dark.

Devin then questioned if she would be staying to guide them back once they were done. He was disturbed to hear that Anandra would not do this. She could not afford to stay. There were other matters for her to attend to and to stay outside for too long was not wise. The people here were more loyal to the legates than just about any other place in the city. “Find your way back to the place where we exited the sewers tonight. You will have to guide yourselves back. With any luck you’ll find what you are looking for and no one will find you.”

With that she left and headed back the way they came. Devin was not completely satisfied with this situation but they could not let Sarn go now that he was in a known place, a place were they could trap him and maybe find out something about this ring they had been chasing.

Chapter 18

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