Chapter 16

Ebore Arbter was looking over the various precious items that Khurran laid out before her in the room at the back of the warehouse.

“These are the things that Pamar asked us to deliver to you plus a few additional items that we came across in the sewers underneath the city,” Khurran hated to give the books and papers away but he had copied them as best he could. They had been asked to do this and they had kept their word.

“This must mean that the village is dying,” Ebore said with sadness in her voice. “Like so many others, a shadow falls over the land and the towns, villages and people fade away.”

“There are some who will not fade!” Nezrin said with a quiet forcefulness, his gnarled knuckles cracked as he made a fist.

Devin placed a tight grip on Nezrin’s shoulder, acknowledging their resolve to continue the fight.

“You had done a great thing and have risked much to bring this too me. What in return could I give you?” she asked.

“As I mentioned, we came across a hidden sanctuary for the StoneCutters guild after we had been attacked in the sewers last night. It had not seen use in years. We were able to discover a small secret room that had this … and this.” Khurran pointed to the map he had made that was from the wall of that room and also to another small scroll map that looked to be pointing to a place somewhere underneath Baden’s Bluff. Written on the side of the scroll map was the dwarven word “Varis”.

Calling in a garishly clothed female gnome from outside Ebore asked if she new the word. Delwyn said that her dwarven was not particularly good but she thought that the word meant to read or maybe it was scrolls or books.

Looking further Ebore noted that it seemed that the map lead to somewhere underneath Guildall. The Grand Library of Baden’s Bluff was located there and was looted and burned to the ground. However, maybe a portion of the library had survived somehow.

“Rumor has it that while many books and treasures were scattered to the four corners of the world as people fled the city, there were too many to be moved and too little time to do it. Some were lost to the legates, thousands were burned, and hundreds hidden within the sewers. In a desperate attempt to save those last remaining books the head librarian of the Grand Library unleashed great magic against those who tried to gain the last treasures that they held.”

“If this map is true you I would ask you a favor to explore this area. You have gained my trust by honoring Pamar’s request.”

Khurran could do nothing but smile. The Grand Library of Baden’s Bluff. His mind raced at the thought of thousands and thousands of books to pour over. He was rudely interrupted by Devin.

“Ebore, your request is temping. However, we are torn between searching for this library and finding a ring taken by a local legate. We have been searching for this ring for some time now.”

Khurran now remembered. Anandra had told them to meet her in the marketplace just before the orcs attacked in the sewer. The meeting to get access to Hearthome had been interrupted and now the only solid lead they had was her … if she had made it out alive.

“So far the only way we’ve been offered to take this ring, is at the side of the Knives,” Khurran noted.

Ebore frowned. “The Knives are a reckless bunch, how did you become involved with them?”

“The Rat King set up a meeting for us. Unfortunately, we did not have time to finish it. Though one Knife gave us another opportunity to meet her later today,” Devin hoped he was not revealing too much.

“Ah, well, if the Rat King set up the meeting then it must have been important enough to risk. I have heard rumors. News was brought to me recently that a legate was hunting for the Rat King,” she seemed to be pondering something.

“This legate holds a ring, of some import and seeks the Rat king? How … strange.”

“Do you know of this legate’s name?” Devin asked Ebore.

“I was told that this legate had just arrived recently in the Bluff. I believe his name is Sarn”

Khurran remembering back a couple of days, though they were becoming a blur, noted that they had already killed a legate underneath the quarries on the west side of the bluff. It had been at the request of Radovin and the Rat King.

Ebore looked shocked. “Who did you kill? You killed a legate?! You must take care … wait that was not you who killed legate Thugan in Hearthome several days ago?”

“His name was Merivan, or something,” Khurran let out nervously. “No it was not Thugan.”

“Ah, then Merivan must have been nothing then. You need not worry.”

“So you seek the legate Sarn. That is dangerous task. Most of the city is loyal to the shadow. At least on the face of all things. Careful of who you make friends with. You may kill no legates unless you have the blessing of the Baden’s.”

”Do the Knives operate with the Baden’s blessing?” Khurran was curious. This was important information.

”That is why the Knives are looked upon so poorly. They ask for nothing.” She said with great contempt.

”Devin, perhaps we need to talk to the Badens?”

Devin nodded to Khurran. “I agree. We should not do anything that may harm the Baden’s efforts.”

“If they wish to talk to you they will find you,” Ebore was now looking intently at the books and papers before her.

“Before we go, there are items we wish to trade. And if we could get some help, perhaps posing as merchants ourselves, so we look a little less conspicuous as we make our way through the city?” Devin knew they had to be cautious.

“Easily done,” Ebore noted. “I have several items that can be placed in a small cart. There is a bakers shop next to the marketplace that will receive your goods.”

“Do you have anything that can help us hide our weapons as well?” Sharra new they shouldn’t be without their weapons.

“Yes, there are many things, your items will be well hidden. I will show you where.” “But return here when you are done meeting with this Knife and let me know if you would accept this task.”

“We will return. You have been helpful beyond our hopes.” Devin gave her nod and could only be heartened by this meeting.

After gathering their weapons from underneath the nearby bridge, the group began to make their way up to the marketplace that surrounded the Great Well.

Chapter 16

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