Chapter 13

The little halfling child cried quietly in the corner of the collapsed area. Sharra had busied herself by tending to any injuries or wounds that the other halflings had.

Mother Tula had settled the rest of her children down but they all seemed very uncomfortable with the strangers amongst their midst. They were distant but most accepted Sharra’s help. However, they would move away from Devin whenever he got up to move around.

Devin knew why and accepted that. He was horrified that he had acted so quickly and that his aim had been so true. This may stay with him for a long time … the arrow protruding from the chest of the child, the blood soaked rags. Devin wanted to blame this on the Shadow and what the evil of the north had turned this world into but he knew, in all reality, that he had no one to blame but himself. Only Mother Tula would talk to him, all the others avoided him like he was follower of Izrador.

Nezrin was trying to get comfortable so the wounds that the orcs had given him would heal. Tomorrow Sharra could finally heal the rest of him with her magic. As she came over to him to check on his wounds she made a little comment that startled Nezrin.

“I had a child once,” her statement was offhand almost like she didn’t know she was making it.

Nezrin wasn’t sure what to say but it didn’t matter because he was speechless. He looked at her and despite her rough looks he knew she was young. To have had a child she must have only been barely out of her own childhood. Though these years there is not much of a childhood to have and from what Nezrin knew of her she had been on the run for a long time.

Khurran was looking over his map and hoping he had done justice to what was drawn on the wall. It was all very complex and from what he could tell a newer sewer system must have been placed over or attached to a newer sewer system at some point in the history of Baden’s Bluff. The map of the scroll they got from the secret room intrigued Khurran. He tried his best to match up where scroll and the map of sewers converged. Looking closely he believed he found where it was on the map. Where it was in relation to the city was something that Khurran could not tell. He would need help in deciphering that. The key here seemed to be the dwarven word VARIN … that and someone who knew the sewers underneath the city with great detail.

The day had passed and Mother Tula had left briefly. She was going to make sure the way out was clear. When she came back she came to Devin and said that night had fallen.

“I can lead you out of here and I will lead you out of the area of the city called the Steeps. Where you wish to go from there is up to you but the end of the Steeps is as far as I take you. I must check on my other children this night.”

“Meeting you has been both boon and hardship. Maybe in the future you will not act so rashly but as far as I am concerned I forgive you. Jann had a hard life for one so young and I cannot say for sure that his life would have been better as he got older. Now his worries are no more. My regret is for his friend Hina who may not get over the loss of him for some time.”

“Take some time to gather your possessions and if you wish to ask anything else of me, ask it now. Please remember to pass the information I gave you to the Rat King. Having another person who I may rely on to get my children out of here will be something that is invaluable.”

Chapter 13

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