Chapter 10

Night had fallen again bringing both relief and tension. It was like curling up underneath a blanket to get away from the terror in our minds. But why is it that we hide from the shadows under the cover of darkness?

Devin’s mind snapped from its wanderings when something crossed underneath the window and quickly opened the door …. “what the,” Devin thought as he reached for his sword.

A ragged thin man stood before them. His face was dirty and his layers of clothes were loose fitting. He had a hard look about him, like someone who has never had an easy moment in his life.

Dunath had a surprised look on his face and Khurran noticed that his eyes were darting around as if looking for a place to escape. The only way would be through the window that Khurran stood near opposite the door that the stranger came through.

“You might consider being a little less welcoming,” came a cold, snide voice. “You might want to make sure that next the door is not so easily opened. You can take your hand off your sword, you will not need to use it against me.”

Devin took a step back to give himself some room to maneuver if weapons were to be drawn. “Are you the one Waryk has sent?”

“Yes, I am Radovin.” His eyes looked about the room. “I was told that there would be four of you not five,” he said with some annoyance.

“He,” Devin pointed to Dunath, “is a newly made friend. Someone who was in need of our help.”

Radovin took a long look, “You may want to choose who you help more wisely. He is nothing but a troublemaker ….”

“Troublemaker! How dare you trivialize our daring and our sacrifice!” Dunath was sitting up with some pain and seething with anger. “At least the Knives are doing something while you and your kind wait and watch the city and its people waste away to the Shadow.”

Radovin did not flinch at his words and merely told Dunath that he did not know what he was talking about. He flatly stated that the Avenging Knives were making this city harder for the resistance to operate in. Their minor victories were being met with overwhelming retaliation in all forms. They will see this very soon and what was done last night was a huge mistake.

The name struck Khurran, the Avenging Knives. He had heard of this group before, they had expanded beyond the confines of Baden’s Bluff because even when he was in Perrinhold the name held some weight.

“Consider this fair warning for a second time. You will leave now for my business is with this group and I will not have you turn them to an organization with a death wish.”

Dunath gathered his things and as he passed by Radovin he spoke, “You cannot keep us down. We will continue to die for revenge and for the cause.”

When Dunath was out the door and into the darkness Radovin let it be known that the rest of the city would suffer for their actions. “They have no vision for the future, there is no light rising at the end of the long night for them.”

Radovin continued, “We do not have much time thanks to actions you have taken. You have shown your willingness to fight the orcs but because so few who come here are friends and sometimes even those who you thought to be friends are betrayers I will ask a task of you to prove your trustworthiness. If this task is completed I will show you the way to the Rat King.”

“In Baden’s Bluff the sewers are a refuge for the resistance. The shadow knows it, their orcs know it and the bastard count knows it. However, the sewers run deep and far underneath the city. There is nothing they can do short of send an army to clear it out but the forces of the shadow are constantly sent elsewhere to fight the fey.”

“We will bide our time and continue to thwart the legates and try to live until the shadow has passed. This is why I come to you. We can help each other. A legate and some cronies of his have entered into caves in the quarries searching for a new way into the sewers. Our spies know the entrance but instead of wasting our people to search and possibly be captured we will send you instead. You know nothing of us except of what I promise you and so you remain expendable. If you are successful we will both get what we want, if you are unsuccessful we are not hurt by your death or capture. It may sound cold and uncaring but these are desperate times. Accept my task and I can show you the way to the quarries. Track down the legate and kill him. Beware though, the quarries are riddled with caves and there are dangers that even those who have lived their lives here do not know about.”

Devin saw the opportunity before him. Even though he knew this was a risk and Radovin was not very sympathetic, the group needed to take on this task. Their meeting with the Rat King was close and maybe they could finally get some answers about the message and the ring.

Nezrin was still reluctant and did not trust Radovin. He preferred Dunath’s straightforward approach. However according to Khurran, even though Radovin seemed rough and uncaring, he felt he could be trusted.

“Alright, gather up your items,” announced Devin.

The group took a few moments to don their armor and slide their weapons into places that would be the most inconspicuous.

“Leave nothing here, you will not be returning to this place.” Radovin’s eyes were keeping watch on the street below.

Chapter 10

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