Session 16

After searching to the north and south and coming up with dead ends the party crosses the rope bridge very carefully. Going though another set of doors leads the group into a more cavernous area.

Here they free two halflings from a makeshift prison. When released the halflings relate an account of some of their group being captured by a Legate in red calling himself the Dark Flame of the Shadow. They also come upon another poor halfling that had been killed and was being smoked for food later on, and then they made their way into a larger room with skeletons of long dead orcs in front of a glowering dwarven faced door to their north. A quick lesson was learned as they tried to open the door and were caught in an ancient fire trap. Nezrin took the brunt of the trap.

In the center of the room is a large set of rough hewn stairs leading down into darkness. Not long after their encounter with the trap some screaching is heard comming from the stairs. Devin goes to investigate and is attack by a group of stirges.

Fighting off the stirges was annoying for the party but in the end 7 dead striges lay on the ground with Nezrin cleaning the blood off his hands after squeezing a couple of them to death.

Instead of going down the stairs the group checks out the door in the southern part of the room. This door has similar features to the door in the north. Khurran and Sharra are careful to check for traps this time. However, none are encountered.

Khurran listens to the door and hears some sort of chanting going on. The door is locked and as he starts to pick the lock he hears the clink of something fall on the other side of the door.

Session 16

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