The Greenmarch

Situated in the east central part of Erethor, the GreenMarch is at the forefront of the two-pronged war that the Shadow’s forces wages against the elves. This area is probably the one of the most diverse places left in all of Eredane. Human settlements dot the coast, dwarven refugees have arrived on gnomish ships, and even a few halflings mix in here with the elves of the forest.

The Village of Lirith

This is the first village that the group traveled to. Galamir told them they could get in touch with a man named Berem. Berem would supply them with horses when they show the symbol of the Black Wolf.

The Village of Ardesh

A map found among the Tower and the Crown leads the group to the village of Ardesh and its elder Pamar. The village is dying. Most of the younger inhabitants have been either been enslaved or sacrificed to the Shadow.

Pamar, when he learns of the characters journey to Baden’s Bluff, asks them to carry some pieces of knowledge to woman named Ebore Arbter who works on the docks in the Bluff. Khurran gladly accepts with the intention of copying as much of the information as he can before he turns over the knowledge to Ebore.

Pamar also offers a direct way of getting into Baden’s Bluff (a cart with secret hiding spots and fake documents) or an indirect way (go through Duren’s Cove and light the latern at the top of the lighttower. A boat will come by to pick them up).

A sampling of what Pamar is sending to the Baden’s in Baden’s Bluff:

The legend of the Thorellon Knights

  • Instructions on how to craft a lesser charm
  • How to cook spicy boro stew
  • How to properly rotate crops
  • Children’s story used to scare them and keep them within the village borders called “Little Rala’s Mistake”
  • List of common herbs near Ardesh.
  • A study of the phases of the moon and its effects on the flower known as the Twilight Rose.

The Tower and the Crown

A resistance hideout. Berem from the village of Lirith tells the party to go here after he gives them the horses.

A blurb from what I wrote for this encounter:

The swordgrass is high in this area but up ahead you can make out the tower just like Berem explained. A stiff breeze kicks up and you shield your eyes from the dust and the stinging husks of the dying grass. The tower is a shambles. The top of the tower has completely given away and large pieces of stone surround the tower. Wooden beams lay exposed and rotted. Just to the east of the tower maybe 500 feet or so is a large outcropping of rock that is shaped much like a pointed crown.

Trollskarl Forest

A mysterious forest south of Baden’s Bluff. It is said the trolls that inhabit this forest are gnarled and twisted like the great trees that grow there.

The Road of Ruin

The Road of Salt and Tears

Duren’s Cove

Baden’s Bluff

  • The Worm Docks
  • The Stone Docks
  • The Steeps
  • The Well and Marketplace
  • Guildall
  • Hearthome


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