Wolf Protector Charm

This is a small wooden coin that has the shape of a wolfs head carved out on it.

Type: Minor Charm

Benefit: +1 to AC for 1 round.

Stamina Charm

A wooden carving of a bear.

Type: Lesser Charm

Benefit: +2 to one Fort. save

River Charm

A smooth stone with a faint rune upon its surface.

Type: Lesser Charm

Benefit: +2 to one Will save.

Stout Defenders Charm

This charm has a steel and mithral mix necklace with a medallion of red and gold. Upon the medallion is the symbol of a shield and axe overlaying a deeply carved rune.

Type: True Sigil Charm

Benefit: +2 to AC vs. Orcs.

Spirit Striker Charm

A small round stone inlayed with intricate silver lines. One side has the face of a female dwarf facing a quarter moon. The other side has this written in both dwarven and Erenlander:

“The ghostly mother, spirit of the dwarves, mother moon.”

Type: Greater Charm

Benefit: +4 to hit vs. Magehounds (Astiraxes)


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