Important Events

Attack on a Slave Caravan

The campaign started here with the characters as part of small raiding group called the Black Wolves. Based in the part of Erethor (the elvish forest) known as the GreenMarch their first encounter involves an attack on a slave caravan passing nearby.

With the successful raid comes the discovery of a sarcosan man who is near death. He reveals he has been sent with information and a “gift” for the Rat King in Baden’s Bluff. The gift, a ring, was stolen by a Legate who is already making his way to Baden’s Bluff ahead of the caravan. Just as the sarcosan dies he says that someone needs to go to the Rat King in the Baden’s Bluff and tell him that:

“the circle unites us and reveals the truth, your answers lay with the blade, the blade of ghostly light”

Obtaining horses in the Village of Lirith

Galamir, the leader of the Black Wolves, tells the group to make for the Village of Lirith and meet with someone their to obtain horses. These horses will speed their travel to Baden’s Bluff to look for the legate who has the ring and the Rat King.

The party does so but unfortunate circumstances lead to the death of the contact in Lirith. They barely escape with some horses and their own hides. The contact, before his death, told them to head for the Tower and the Crown (an outcropping of standing stones just southeast of the Trollskarl forest). There they would find a small stash of items to help them in their travels.

Meeting the legate Cray on the road

The party comes across a bloodied and delirious man in black shredded clothes. In conversation they find he is an initiate legate who could not do what was asked of him. They manage to convince him to turn to the resistance, against Sharra’s protests, and bring him along with them to the Village of Ardesh.

Meeting the elder Pamar in the Village of Ardesh

The elder of Ardesh, Pamar, takes Cray in. The party discusses with him how they can get into Baden’s Bluff. They are given two choices, one is to go through a place called Duren’s Cove and another is to go straight in through the front gates posing as farmers from Ardesh. The party decides to take Duren’s Cove. It is at the lighthouse in the cove where they can get picked up by the resistance and brought secretly into Baden’s Bluff.

Pamar asks one favor of them. He has a number of written items that he needs taken Ebore Arbter in the docks area. The party agrees to do this.

Into Duren’s Cove and lighting the tower signal Duren’s Cove is a small old dwarven stronghold hidden amoung the cliffs west of Baden’s Bluff. The party enters this area and discovers some long lost treasure along the way. An old metal book stamped in dwarvish, a masterwork shortsword and a true sigil charm.

The party makes their way through the rest of the stronghold and into the lighthouse. As they wait for twilight to settle in, they are attacked by a hoard of brine ungrul goblins who surround the tower and attempt to swarm the group. The party fights off the goblins and survives to light the signal.

A boat arrives not long after the signal is lit. A gnome captain and several others greet the party on the cove shore and take them in. During the early morning hours they finally arrive in at the Worm Docks of Baden’s Bluff.

The Worm Docks of Baden’s Bluff

Helping Dunath of the Avenging Knives

Contacting Radovin

Killing the Legate Merivan

Audience with the Rat King

Safe Passage?

The Stone Cutter’s Guild

Ebore Arbter

The Secret Library and Sarn the Legate

Slaying Sarn and taking the Ring

The Blade, Ambushed at the Inn, Anandra the enemy

Fleeing Baden’s Bluff

Important Events

The Edge of Twilight Naszir