Devin Levenworth (An Erenlander Wildlander) – A pureblood Erenlander looking to continue the fight against the Shadows forces that hold his families land. Recently he and his friend fled the town of Perrinhold. They fled because the resistance that they were working for and that was set up by the Levenworth family had been betrayed. They barely escaped with their lives as a warning went up just in time to save them.

Devin has the look of nobility, he has strong erelander features, though more Dornish comes through in him than the southern Sarcosan heritage. His nobility is hiden well underneath the rough exterior of a wildlanders life. Though when ready to reveal his true nature to friend or foe his noble nature shines through in a moments notice.

Khurran (A Sarcosan Rogue) – A vizier to Devin. His family had served among House Levenworth and he grew up with Devin. Not much of a fighter but his knowledge of many things has helped Devin on many occasions.

A dark shock of black hair frames his narrow but handsome face; his quick brown eyes and a sardonic smile give him a compassionate but weary look. His frame is thin and wiry, and he is easily overlooked unless he calls attention to himself.

Nezrin (A Erenlander Defender) – Grew up on the edge of Erethor forest after escaping punishment from a group of Orcs. His father sacrificed his life for him. He later returned to his home near Perrinhold and served the Levenworth family for several years before they were betrayed.

Sharra Falrias (An Erenlander Rogue) – She meet up with the other three after they had fled Perrinhold. She had joined the Black Wolves after her own bandit group was slaughtered in a failed attack on a caravan. She is a troubled woman with a gift of healing but not a good bedside manner.

Dark hair outlines a face that is etched in bitterness. Her olive skin shows her as closer to her Sarcosan heritage and her brown eyes have a deadness to them. Yet, she is blessed with the ability to heal. She does what she can but there is something that she carries within herself that even those who are healed by her touch also feel the coldness in her heart.

All that resist Izrador hate his legates but Sharra seems to bear that hatred one step further to a muderous bloodlust.


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